The Zen Teacher has a brand new look!

The folks at Solid Site, a website company hailing all the way from Calgary, Canada, made me an irresistible offer to help me get The Zen Teacher message out in a more high profile and professional manner, and you are looking at the result.

Isn’t it pretty?

On this site, you will find:

*My basic Zen Teacher philosophy (home page)
*A place to sign up for free Zen Teacher workbook and to opt-in to my newsletter (Start Here page)
* The Zen Teacher blog (which you are reading right now)
* The various resources I offer to help you reduce your stress and improve your self-care, including books, online courses, and private coaching (products)
*Information on workshops, presentations, and live events (Workshops page)
*A little about your humble Zen Teacher host (About page)

I’m so happy with how the final product turned out and I’m deeply indebted to Michael and Briana Tighe at Solid Site for recognizing and supporting the important work I’m doing here.

I’m also so excited to continue to serve you with an even more high profile home base and with more clarity and laser-focused message and mission.

It’s time to level up.

Time to make an impact.

Time to make a difference.

And I’m so glad you’ll be here when we do. TZT

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