In an effort to provide you with even more frequent and valuable content, I am introducing a new feature called 2-Minute Zen.   In much shorter bursts than the regular blog posts, I will be offering brief thoughts, reflections, and exercises on approaching your classroom (and your life) with a more serene, peaceful, focused, zen-inspired mindset.   Enjoy.

Marketing guru Seth Godin once said, “Better is better than more.”

He meant that we can try to do more, have more, and experience more.  

But in this approach, he claims, we only invite and embrace mediocrity.  

Or we can try not to do it all, and become excellent at specific things we do. 

I agree.  So my plan is to try to do fewer things and be better at what I do. 

Or maybe to be really excellent at one thing.

What will you choose?  TZT