I’ve decided that for 2017, the watchword for me will be decluttering. 
The thought of twelve months in a row of trying to free up space in my classroom, my life, my mind, and my heart is positively liberating, intoxicating, even.
I have many plans on how to do this.  Many goals.
I also plan to make many, many mistakes along the way and procrastinate and stumble as well.

Because I know that’s part of the process. 
So I plan to start small.  With Tiny Shifts.
Recently, for example, I saw this game, as suggested by The Minimalists. When I first saw it, I thought about writing a comment that said, “Just This.” But then I thought I should write only “This,” because I was trying to be a minimalist.  ​But then I thought, if I REALLY want to be a minimalist, I should write nothing. 

Which is what I did.

I LOVE what I see from The Minimalists, and the game has a lot of potential, and I know that I don’t have to become a monk, but I’m still scared to go full tilt. So because I’m scared that I’ll only be left with little  more than a folding chair and a Certs*, I am going to do the game a bit more on the D.L.  So in the interest of keeping things simple, my plan will have only five steps, and will go something like this:
For the entire month of January, I am going to:

  1. Throw away, donate, or sell at least three to ten things every day.
  2. Make sure that at least one of these things is a small to medium-sized material object.
  3. Make sure that if I buy a new thing, I will jettison at least one thing to make room for it in my life.
  4. Follow the plan for thirty days and, at the end of the month, if I’ve done the math correctly, I will have reduced my overall clutter by roughly one hundred items. I’m breathing more easily already.
  5. Increase the number of discarded, sold, or repurposed items every way I can.

I will re-assess at the end the month and, for February, adjust accordingly.
The overarching goal is to feel less oppressed by possessions, less suffocated by stuff.  I’m hoping to create a little room—elbow room, breathing room, etc.—where The Universe may recognize that I’ve created just the tiniest window for her to send me more goodness. And I’ll have a place to PUT it. 
If you’d like to join me in this miniature minimalist adventure, let me know what YOUR plan is, by either leaving me a note in the comments section here, sending me a tweet on Twitter at @thezenteacher, or emailing me at teachingzen@gmail.com. TZT 

*Old person reference. . .