So often we are victims of our habits. We get up in the morning, immediately grab our phones, have the same cereal for breakfast, brush our teeth in the same rhythm, put our coats on the same arm at a time.
And some decisions should be automatic.  That makes it possible for us to be more productive and efficient.
But what if we were conscious and intentional with our choices?
What if we decided to be more mindful of certain decisions, more in control of what happened next when it really matters?
So often the answer is that we do what we do because we do what we’ve done.
But that’s not efficiency. That’s habit; that’s mind-LESS-ness.
Whether it’s checking our phone the nano-second we rise from our beds, ordering the same thing at the restaurant on the weekend, or grabbing that handful of M&Ms from the bag in the fridge just because we opened the refrigerator door.
So the next time you are faced with a situation, stop.
Take a breath.
Don’t rely on the typical knee jerk reaction you might normally make.
Ask yourself, “What do I really want here?”
Then choose accordingly.  TZT