In an effort to provide you with even more valuable content, I am introducing a new feature called 2 Minute Zen.   In much shorter bursts than the regular blog posts, I will be offering brief thoughts, reflections, and exercises on approaching your classroom (and your life) with a more serene, peaceful, focused, zen-inspired mindset.  Enjoy.

Silence.  Carve out some time for silence every day. Silence allows us to retreat from the white noise and distraction from the world. Spend the time in prayer, meditation, or reflection.

Stillness.  Once you find yourself in silence, be still.  Only in stillness can our awareness drop down past the hub-bub of every day life into that deeper well of consciousness where we can listen to our hearts, The Universe, or the deity of our choice.

Attention.  After finding silence and cultivating stillness, we are more prepared to pay attention to the specifics of our world in a way that will create focus and peace in our lives by giving us permission to be attentive to our passions.  TZT