Years ago, a social science teacher and I were walking through the quad to our respective classrooms, ready to start a new day. As we exchanged pleasantries about the weather, he suddenly smiled, breathed in, and exhaled with an audible “Ah.”  In that moment, he forced me to stop and make myself aware of the gorgeous morning before us: the purple/gray mountains in the distance, the blue sky, the black crows hopping from tree to tree, the white clouds inching across the horizon.  

Not long after, I was having lunch with a group of English teachers.  While working through his wife’s chicken enchiladas, one teacher began describing his lunch in such graphic detail, it bordered on erotica.  By the time he got to the last chile, I’m sure I was blushing.

These teachers illustrate the importance of using our senses to enjoy the moment. Whether it’s breathing in the sweet morning air, enjoying every bite of an exceptional meal, listening to music that moves your soul, or petting a treasured animal after a long day at work, you have the tools you need to find peace in your day.  And the best part is, these particular tools are always with you.

You’ll find plenty of opportunity in your day for obligation and duty. Make it a point to carve out two minutes to use your senses to be in the moment.  

See. Hear. Smell. Taste. Touch.

Let your senses help you experience and enjoy what’s right there in front of you.  TZT