I have a small journal that I carry in the backpack I bring to school everyday.

It is one part To-do list, one part note-taking tool, and one part idea catcher. 

It is not unusual for me to open my journal and jot down specific goals, both large and small, that I have for spreading The Zen Teacher message.  

But as I’m sure you’re probably aware, it is often difficult in this crazy, Merry-Go-Round world to find the time to manage very much outside of the most basic obligations. And yet it’s important for me to pursue this new path, so I want to share with you a trick I use to make things happen:

I often open my journal and write down this question: “What’s the one move I can make right now?”

And then I jot down some answers.

Maybe it’s writing a blog post, or submitting a workshop proposal, or sending out my newsletter. Or maybe it’s something even smaller, a movement that takes even less time and effort, like composing an email or writing and sending a Tweet (or responding to one).  

And by the way, I purposely use the word “move” because it implies movement and action.

But the question, “What’s the one move I can make right now?” reminds me–in a mindful and present way–that even in a chaotic and overwhelming world, there is always ONE thing I can do. 

So now that’s my question to you: “What’s the one move you can make RIGHT NOW to create some focus, simplicity, and tranquility, either in your classroom or your life (or both!)?

Can you make a cup of tea?

Clean your desk?

Meditate for five minutes while the kids are at recess?

Listen to a song by your favorite band?

Go outside and look at the sky?

Finish a picture in one of those funky adult coloring books?

You get to decide.

Whenever you’re stressed out, or trying to find a modicum of peace in a world that seems to have twisted off its axis, simply ask yourself, “What’s the one move I can make right now to lower my stress and give myself more peace?”

And then pick something, no matter large or small, and then do it.

And the magic is that no matter how small the act, if you keep asking that question and keep doing, then they all add up and, before you know it, you’re sitting pretty. 

But in the beginning, it helps to remember that it’s up to you.

No one else is going to make the decision for you. Nor are they going to do whatever it is.

In other words, when you want to create some focus, simplicity, and tranquility in the classroom or         your life. . .

. . .It’s your move. TZT
Leave a comment below and let us know what you chose!