Many of us do not give ourselves permission to slow down, enjoy life, and appreciate the beauty the world has to offer until we:

–Go camping

–spend a weekend in a cabin

–Fly to Paris

–Take the kids to Disneyland 


But the truth is:  we don’t have to wait.

Nature is all around us.

Beauty is right beside us.

Joy is in the details.

So don’t bother waiting for some unpredictable future.

Look around.  

Really see. 

Then appreciate, and express gratitude.  

Finally, smile at the wonder of it all.

When it comes to exhaling, enjoying, and finding Peace, then, the new questions are rather stunning:

Why not at work?

Why not when you’re NOT in a good mood?

Why not in your own backyard? 

Why not today?

Why not now? TZT