Preparation.  Preparation creates confidence and inner peace.  If you know what you’re doing and have what you need, you’ll be less frantic.  Spend extra time planning the lesson, counting the worksheets, and making sure the DVD player works.

Stillness.  When is your quiet time?  Before school when you sip coffee, listen to music, and look out the window?  During your prep period or recess when you meditate after sending the principal an email? After school when you park your car a few blocks from home and take a handful of slow, closed-eye breaths before you re-enter the sweet chaos of family life? Stillness increases your sense of peace. As a bonus, it clears your mind, allowing the sharper, deeper thoughts to ascend.

Mind. Body. Spirit.  They’re as connected as that batch of paper clips in your desk.  Keep them balanced and you’ll find more peace.  Read. Learn. Eat well. Move your body. Get plenty of rest.  It’s that simple.

Passion.  Teaching is your passion, sure. But what else do you love?  Seek your passion and it will fill your heart and a full heart is a peaceful heart.  Do you like to play guitar? Garden? Travel? Bend spoons with your mind?  Do what you love.  Peace will follow.

These aren’t the only ways to find peace, but they’re a start.  It’s hard to find peace after work, on the way to soccer practice, during the church retreat, and after the little ones go to bed at night and you’re exhausted and there is still a giant stack of papers to grade.  It takes conscious effort. 

Carve out time and practice. 

Start where you are.  Do what you can.  

Remember:  Peace is a choice.  TZT