1.  What can I subtract?  With less in your life, there’s less to focus on and, therefore, more time and energy to focus on what counts and to do it even better.  Fifty thousand obligations often results in—you guessed it!–diminishment, fragmentation, and chaos. 

2.  Who can I help? 
Compassion and service is one of the hallmarks of the Zen Teacher because the Zen Teacher realizes that, when it works its best, this world is more about others than ourselves.

3.  Who am I grateful for?
  Stopping to acknowledge the help, encouragement, and love we get from others is a great reminder of the support system we have in life and can tends to make these relationships deeper and even more profound.

4.  Where is my silence?  Taking some time for silence, reflection, and meditation every day is a great way to recharge the batteries and rejuvenate your spirit because it’s only in silence where we can drop down into Quiet Mind and hear the messages of our hearts and recognize the beat and rhythm of the universe.

5.  What’s my Zen Practice?
  What am I doing–outside of the classroom–to practice balance, keep my sanity, and enjoy my life?  What’s your thing:  Quilting? Singing? Gardening? Finding a passion that has nothing to do with teaching can provide you with a deeper sense of calm and equanimity.

These are not the only questions a Zen Teacher should ask, but I genuinely hope they get you started toward a classroom experience that includes more peace and tranquility.  TZT