The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity, and Tranquility in the Classroom is having a birthday.

My little book is turning three years old this month.

But even though it’s The Zen Teacher’s birthday, I want to give YOU a gift.

(I have some exciting news coming up in the next few months about a new way for teachers to reduce their stress and improve their self-care, but for now, I want to celebrate the one that started it all).

Here’s how it works:

Send me an email at showing me proof of purchase* of my book, The Zen Teacher, that is dated anytime through November 15, 2018, and you get to choose one of the following gifts as a thank you for buying the book:

A FREE enrollment in my online course called The Self-Care Starter Kit 2.0 (value: $27)
A FREE enrollment in my online course called Self-Care 101: Finding Time, Creating Space, and Embracing Renewal (value: $59).
A FREE 30-minute Skype session where I coach you on an individualized self-care plan (value: $75).

When you email me with your proof-of-purchase, simply tell me which gift you would like and I will make it happen.

I have been humbled by the numerous messages I have received from all over the nation and the world, really, from teachers who were not prioritizing their own self-care and learned, through reading The Zen Teacher, how to create a practical and customized plan to take care of themselves and avoid burnout.

So if you want to experience the transformation from stressed out educator to serene and tranquil teacher and self-care warrior, check out The Zen Teacher. It just might work for you, too!


Action Steps:

1. Click on any Zen Teacher book link in this post.
2. Buy the book.
3. Send me proof of purchase (today through November 15, 2016) and the course you’d like for FREE!
4. I will email you a coupon code for a FREE enrollment
5. There is no step 5. It’s THAT simple!


Knowing that I have helped so many students throughout my teaching career has always been fulfilling.

Knowing that I am now also helping teachers who help those students has been transcendent.

And I plan to keep doing it as long as you’ll let me.

(And I can’t wait to share the news of the latest way I can help! Stay tuned. . .).

But the truth is: You deserve to take care of yourself.

Let me (and The Zen Teacher) help you.

I look forward to hearing from you. TZT

*Proof of purchase can be a screenshot of an Amazon receipt or scan of a bookstore receipt, or anything else as long as it’s timestamped with a date between now and November 15, 2018. Thanks for all your support.