Recently, I asked who might be interested in participating in Zen Teacher classes held via Google Hangout and based on my book The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity, and Tranquility in the Classroom.
To my delight, the response was immediate and enthusiastic.  But even then, I was left with many questions—how do I do it, How long do I make the sessions, do I charge or not, and how do I include as many people as possible when each Google Hangout is limited to a maximum of 10 people?

But after some thought, I think I’ve discovered a solution:
I am looking for groups of people who are reading The Zen Teacher and who or serious about participating in a Google Hangout Zen Teacher class. This might be a school, a district, or even just a group of friends running an informal book club.  
If this sounds like you, I will be happy to offer a FREE, 60 minute Zen Teacher Google Hangout to your group.  If you get 3-10 people together who are reading the book and want to go deeper, simply contact me and we will set a date and time.  Even if you read the book months ago, feel free to get a few people together and hang out with me so we can talk about how to create more focus, peace, and simplicity for you. This approach seemed to make the most sense and ensure that the participants were interested and committed to this message. 

You can either reach out to me here in the comments section of the blog, on Twitter (@thezenteacher), or by emailing me at  Once I am contacted, we will not only set a date and time, but discuss what kind of focus you’d like you and your group would like to take. I’m very excited about this new forum for showing teachers how to maximize their performance without sacrificing themselves in the process.
Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience and we’ll set something up.  And of course, I’m always grateful when you help me spread the Zen Teacher message in any way, so please feel free to invite your staff, your friends, your colleagues, or even the crazy guy down the street.
Let’s work together to make your job and life just a little bit more peaceful.  

​I look forward to hearing from you.  TZT