When I gave my first Zen Teacher workshop last October at New Jersey’s EdScape 2015 conference, it was a watershed moment for me because it became clear that the need teachers have for a sense of peace in their profession ran much more deeply than I first anticipated. The same thing has been true in every workshop I’ve given since.  Consequently, I feel as if I have found a new calling. 
And in each of my workshops, we have used what I call The Zen Teacher Activity sheets to show teachers how to create more space, enjoy more peace, and develop their own Zen Practices outside of the classroom.  The Activity Sheets have been an integral part of my message and program, and have only ever been available for workshop participants.
Until now.  
Beginning immediately, I want to offer these Activity Sheets to everyone.  Anyone who signs up for the Zen Teacher newsletter will now receive the 14-page Activity Sheet booklet absolutely free, simply for signing up.  To join now and receive your own free copy of the Zen Teacher packet simply by signing up for The Zen Teacher newsletter, please click here.
I’m also happy to report that I’ve been booking more and more Zen Teacher workshops and presentations around the country and the Zen Teacher message has been picking up steam! I’ll be in Oxnard in June, for example, working with an ELA teachers Mastermind training group, and I’ll be in Texas in August sharing the Zen Teacher message with The Learning Center of North Texas, an organization that has always been extremely supportive of my work, and I’ll be in New Jersey at the end of August, which means I’ll have hit both ends AND the middle of the country!  
But until I’m booked more often and closer to wherever you are , you can also have the same workshop materials and activity sheets as my participants just by signing up for the Zen Teacher Newsletter here.
I also hope you’ll tell the people who make such decisions that I would love to come and share with your staff or your district some ideas on how teachers can embrace a greater sense of peace and a deeper commitment of radical and intentional self-care.  Tell them you’d like a Zen Teacher workshop of your very own! 
To book a workshop or presentation, please contact my publisher, DBC, Inc., by emailing Shelley Burgess at daveburgessconsulting@gmail.com, and specify if you’re inquiring about a 1 hour, 2 hour, half-day, or full day workshop.  Thank you.  

Until then, I hope you enjoy the Zen Teacher Activity Sheets, and I look forward to our continued conversation regarding becoming Zen Teachers. TZT