Yesterday I read a post on an educational blog that was so interesting, I couldn’t help but comment on it.  The post was about the importance of commenting on posts posted on education blogs. 

That’s kind of like holding two mirrors together, isn’t it? 

(You can find the article here.)

While my little Zen Teacher blog is still in its infancy, I’ve been lucky enough to have a few people let me know what they thought.  Here is a sample of what people have been saying:

On Fast Breaks (The 5 * 10 * 15 Formula):

I’m not a particularly ‘Zen’ person, but I’ve quickly come to love how practical, calming, and focusing this approach can be. A few moments to regroup, to be thankful, to be ‘present’ – and as a result, I’m probably a little bit better teacher, husband, person, etc. Probably doesn’t hurt the blood pressure either.
                        –Blue Cereal Education

You reassure me that my anxieties are not unique to me, they are founded in real concerns we all have, and that taking a breath, even a 5 minute walk around the block, will change my mindset.  I’m starting that today.
                                                            –Kristin M. (an email)

On New Beginnings. . .New Lessons
(Reflection question to begin the New Year):

Creating lesson plans or prepping for my students adds stress because I am always looking for perfection. I am always looking for the “ultimate engaging lesson” but these questions keep me focused. I printed them out and placed them above my office desk so I can refer to them whenever that overwhelming feeling creeps upon me. Thank you!

On The Big Three (Everything changes, everything’s connected, paying attention)

Great post! Thank you!

On 2-Minute Zen: The Single Drawer (about reducing your office to single file cabinet drawer):

Google Docs to the rescue!
                                   –Kim C.

On Three Steps to a More Peaceful Life (Create rituals, create meditation opportunities, create White Space on the Calendar):

“We’ve lost the art of leaving some of those little calendar boxes empty” really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing these ideas for finding a little peace in our busy lives!
                                                                           –April B.

On What Does it Mean to Be a Zen Teacher:

Great message; thanks for sharing.
                                             –Myra V.

On Zen Is. . .

Seems so easy, deceptively so. Very good post! I will try to remember all of this when school starts on Tuesday!
                                          –Laura P.

On My Dad, The Zen Master. . .
(on how my dad exhibited Zen Master qualities)
I think each of you in your teasing ways were actually participating and that made it more worth while.
                                                                        –Mike T.

Okay, that last one was my dad talking about my brothers and sisters, but you get the point.  These comments allowed us to interact, to begin a conversation, to explore the ideas.   I encourage all of you not only to take a few moments to comment on whatever education-themed blogs you read, but also extend an open invitation to let me know what you think of what I’m saying here at The Zen Teacher.  I’m grateful for your feedback and humbled that what I’m saying seems to be resonating with some of you.

Talk to me.  Let’s make a ruckus in the world of education. 

Namaste. TZT

HT to Blue Cereal Education for the article link.
*With apologies to Robert DeNiro