But I can’t take a break.
But there’s too much to do.
But it won’t all get done.
But if I don’t do it, no one else will.
But if I leave it, then someone else will have to do it, and I’ll feel bad.

Much like Sir Mix-a-Lot, we all like big “buts” and we cannot lie. 
We excuse ourselves from self-care, we talk ourselves out of self-compassion, we ignore our bodies’ need for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
There is always something more pressing, something more important.
There’s always a reason we have to come in second or third or are sometimes not on the list at all.
But when we put simply everything before ourselves, what is left to give?
As a great sage once said, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”
The irony of  being a Type A personality who pushes through and forges ahead is that it ultimately becomes impossible to serve others well or do your best work if you yourself are depleted, run down, burnt out, out of gas.
Because I’ll tell you what happens when you ultimately run out of gas:  Nothing. Nothing happens.
You could be a Ferarri, but if you’re out of gas, you ain’t going nowhere.
Eventually you’ll be stuck, and you’ll just sit there, wondering why there’s no forward motion. In reality, it means you’ll burn out and possibly break down, wondering where you went wrong and why you’re looking for another career.
So before that happens, why don’t you allow yourself some grace, some self-love, some T.L.C.?
What would happen if you gave yourself permission to take care of yourself?
To ask for what you need?
To carve out the time you need to rejuvenate your spirit and renew your soul?
I suspect it would improve your mood.
I’m guessing your relationships would benefit.
I’m supposing it would enhance your health.
I’m assuming you would be a better teacher and that your students would notice a much more positive difference in your disposition, your teaching style, and your life.
And the final irony is that when you take care of the very important person that you are. . .
You’re able to do more.
Better. TZT