I’ve never been much of a drinker.  Of water, that is.  

It has no flavor.  It’s boring.  

But like most things that are simple and pure—oxygen, fire, Sandra Bullock–it is incredibly important to our well-being.  So recently, I decided to practice Mindfulness while increasing my water intake.

Every morning while getting ready for work, I stop what I’m doing (usually after my bowl of Lucky Charms), pour a glass of cool water, and step over to the french doors in our kitchen that look out over our backyard and then, very slowly, drink from my glass of water until it’s gone.

As I drink with intentionality, I practice Mindfulness.  I look at the orange/red/blue of the breaking dawn, the emerald green of my lawn, and the yellow, pink, and red roses in the flowerbed. I listen to our dogs barking elsewhere in our house, and hear the rest of my family rustle around as they start their day.  I’m also present in the moment of drinking the water itself.  I sense the fluid sluicing down my throat, feel the tickle of the tiny bubbles, notice the filling of my stomach, and acknowledge a thirst I didn’t even know I had.

This new ritual takes about three minutes, but it helps me stay focused on the moment, allows me to use my senses to appreciate the world around me, and gets me centered before I start my day.  

And my concerns about dehydration?

Water under the bridge. TZT