This was posted in a group doing a book study on The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity, and Tranquility in the Classroom. I thought the message was so powerful, I said I was going to post it everywhere I could.

I’ve always said that if I have 40 students in each class (and I have), then there are 40 stories.

Realizing that is the beginning of compassion and empathy

Is there a student who is getting your goat?

Taking up all your mind space?

Getting on your last nerve? 

Figure out his story.

Figure out her story.

Figure out their* story.

Everybody has a story. TZT 

H/T to Dr. Paulette France for showing me this video.

*It’s 2018, almost 2019, so which pronoun they want you to use may BE part of their story. Have compassion. Have empathy. Feel what they feel.