Every now and then I fire up my Twitter finger and ask teachers what they are doing to engage in some personal zen and choose some radical and intentional self-care. 

This time I decided (with permission, of course**) to share the responses.  During this pre-Thanksgiving weekend, I tweeted, “Teachers: How are you getting your #zen on during this pre-holiday weekend? Let me know!” 

And this is what they told me:

Lana Bates ‏@lanab03
Getting my #ZenTeacher on today! The 3 things that make me lose track of time: reading, writing, & photography. #guiltfree

Lee Plummer ‏@mrplummer34
Watching football…one of the few things I do that doesn’t make me think about teaching. 

Jonathon Wennstrom ‏@jon_wennstrom
Playing some guitar and chilling with the family. Great way to recharge!

Stacy Farmer ‏@farmer526
This weekend, I’m making chicken soup & snuggling by the fire during the snow storm in Central IL!
(and MAN! You should have SEEN the picture of this soup!)

maureen ‏@moreescence
My #zen happens when I’m calm & when I’m fired up. I’ll be tapping into the latter energy as I cheer for #Buckeyes. #GoBucks

Debra Coyle ‏@Deb_Coyle
Put Jason Mraz on my Sonos and decluttered my basement. Great feeling of accomplishment.

Ms_Woodward ‏@PickMW0105
Putting up Christmas decorations, drinking hot chocolate, lounging with my fur baby (dog), and watching THE Buckeyes!

Donna Mann ‏@donnamann27
A thanksgiving grave cover, a glass of wine, and thanking my husband for 18 great years and 2 beautiful daughters.

Jennifer Engbrecht  ‏@prairiemusik
Movie night with my kids, then stretching and going to sleep early to renew…

Lisa Sassaman ‏@LMSassamanMath
I just started reading & decided to  revisit my long-neglected passion-knitting. I’ve got a pattern, now for some yarn.

. . .and then later, Lisa tweeted again! . . .

Lisa Sassaman ‏@LMSassamanMath
Surprise dinner out with my family; church; and trying on make-up with my daughters.

Teresa Gross ‏@teresagross625
I also went to our MS musical last night! Fantastic! Great way to escape.

Christian Nolde ‏@ChristianNolde
I went to the local Zen center.

Kimberly Kennedy ‏@kkoz24
Warm drinks, family, and small moments of gratitude.

KP ‏@k1966p
I began with deactivating Facebook. I’m now present and fully experiencing my surroundings. I’m noticing and enjoying more!

And one of my favorites. . .

KimArnold ‏@KimArnold6
I gave myself a weekend free from school work so I could be fully present at home for a change.

It’s just so exciting to see teachers choosing to take care of themselves and working on their Zen Practices by participating in activities that renew and rejuvenate them. In this season of gratitude, I’m so grateful to see that teachers are learning that THEY matter, too, and that their work can be even greater than it already is if they start by honoring their own needs and giving themselves a chance to recharge.  As you can tell, the activity doesn’t matter.  The key is that you do it.  And it’s important to recognize that it’s a choice. No one is going to give it to you.

So let intentional and radical elf-care be a gift you give yourself.

So?  What about you?

How do you get your Zen on?*  TZT

*Please let others know by submitting a comment below.

**Thanks to all of the amazing educators who responded to my tweet. Smart people will see your Twitter handles above and follow you!