I’ll get right to it: I am going to be donating 10% of all royalties I receive for sales of The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity, and Tranquility in the Classroom in the month of January 2020 to the San Diego Food Bank.

So if you’ve been thinking of buying this book, do it now and you will be helping people eat.

And I cannot think of a more fundamental way to help someone.

Let me explain:

As teachers, we’ve all heard the expression, “Maslow before Bloom,” right?

And I couldn’t agree more.

I cannot cure World Hunger on my own. That’s the downside.

But I can start small and I can start with the person next to me. This is why I always have a supply of granola bars in my file cabinet so that, when I don’t dip into them myself, I can help feed my hungry students. Only then will they be in more of a position to learn. I’m sure—in fact, I know—that many of you do similar things.

It’s always been my philosophy that, even though there are a myriad of noble causes in the world—everything from human trafficking to various diseases to environmental issues–nothing is more basic than making sure that people are fed.

That’s always been my jam.

(Mmmmm. Jam.)


Because I love food. But that’s not all.

It’s also because if people are fed, then they can go off and make all the other things happen.

With a full belly, you might be better able to:

–create sustainable energy

–solve homelessness

–save the whales

–cure Cancer

–create biodegradable straws

–explain why the Kardashians are famous

You know, just any of the pressing issues our society faces on a day-to-day basis.

But if your tummy is growling–and you’ve seen this with your own students–you’re going to be distracted, unmotivated, and lethargic. And it’s much harder to get anything else done.

So help me feed the masses.

Or at least a few of them.

When I get the royalty statement for January 2020, I will take 10% of what I earn from sales of The Zen Teacher and donate it to the San Diego Food Bank.

We may not make a HUGE difference, but we will certainly MAKE a difference.

Side note: My book Sanctuaries: Self-Care Secrets for Stressed Out Teachers turned one year old in December, so I wanted to do something special to celebrate.

So why am I not using royalties from THAT book?

Because The Zen Teacher was my first book and is the cornerstone of my entire platform and the reason I am even able to do something like this.

One of the main reasons I became an author is because I wanted to make an impact.

And now you can be a part of that.

If you buy a book in January, you get strategies that help you reduce stress and improve your self-care.

But someone else gets to eat.

It’s that simple.

It’s that powerful.

It’s that important. TZT

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4 years ago

I don’t care how full your belly is, no one will ever be able to explain why the Kardashians are famous. Happy New Year! Love ❤️ the food bank giving back idea! Unfortunately I already have the first book. If you do it with the 2nd book, I’ll buy that one. (coercion)