As we head into the home stretch of another school year, I’m sure many of us feel the stress level rising and are smarting from the lack of time we can dedicate to taking care of ourselves so that we can end the year thriving.That’s why I want to share with you two new ways for you to continue The Zen Teacher conversation.

The NEW AND IMPROVED Self-Care Starter Kit.  The Self-Care Starter Kit 2.0 still has the same great lessons that can help you get started with stress reduction and improved Self-Care.  But recently, I’ve stuffed it with some new goodies that will make it even more valuable!

The Self-Care Starter Kit includes 6 powerful video lessons:

  • The 10 Keys to Self-Care
  • Little Rituals
  • Mind/Body/Spirit
  • A Mini-Mantra Meditation
  • A Self-Care Checklist
  • A Personal Self-Care Evaluation

. . .as well as a gorgeous 1,000 plus word workbook so you can go deeper into the lessons.

But NOW The Self-Care Starter Kit ALSO includes a 75 page eBook called 2-Minute Zen: Creating a More Mindful Self-Care Practice (see description below) AND a 16 slide Power Point presentation called “How to Be A Zen Teacher.”

These additions will help you focus your efforts and streamline your approach to a more Mindful existence and better self-care.

You can check out The Self-Care Starter Kit here.

2-MINUTE ZEN, THE eBOOK! 2-Minute Zen: Creating a More Mindful Self-Care Practice, my new 75-page eBook consists of over 30 of my most popular blog posts, including 5 posts that have NEVER been seen anywhere else.

Perfect for printing and sharing, 2-Minute Zen is a low cost, PDF eBook that includes brief, but great reminders of how to care for yourself, improve your focus and Mindfulness, and increase your peace.

It also includes a gorgeous cover and inspirational photos throughout.

Blog posts include:

  • How to focus on what’s really important
  • The “antidote” to stress
  • Why simplicity is hard, but critical
  • 3 Steps to a more Peaceful Life
  • 21 Ways to be Mindful from your house to your car
  • The benefits of Silence
  • 25 Roads to Self-Care

You can download this eBook directly to your phone or tablet so it will be ready to show you—with just a tap of the screen—the benefits of a life filled with Mindfulness, Lovingkindness, Tranquility, and Self-Care.

Or you can print it out and mark it up so that you personalize your experience with the ideas and concepts in the book.

Would you like the words I’ve written to be that little voice in your ear that says, “You deserve some peace”?

If so, then just click here.
So there you have it: 

You can get The Self-Care Starter Kit WITH the eBook and presentation here

Or if you just want to eBook by itself, you can get that here.

I’m so excited so share these resources with you!
You now have two more easy and inexpensive ways to Get Your Zen On.
I hope they serve you.
Let me know what you think!
Have a great end of the year.
And thanks for all you do for students. TZT