1. Embrace Acceptance.  The failure to meet the artificial expectations we’re white-knuckling is the origin of almost all suffering.  Detaching from expectations and accepting the moment as it is increases our possibility of happiness.  The moment isn’t good or bad, it just is.   

2. Experience Non-judgment.  Similarly, we can save much energy (and increase our sense of joy) by turning off the judging mechanism in our minds and just let things be.

3. Help Someone.  A student. A new teacher.  A veteran teacher.  A custodian. A secretary. A cafeteria worker.  Serving others is like Crack for the soul.

4. Practice Non-Doing.  Find time during the day for silence and stillness.  A quiet mind is a fertile mind.

5. Make a goal.  Always have something to shoot for–a new unit, a new approach, a new skill, or a new vision.  Looking forward gives us hope and hope makes us happy.

6. Access Your Passion.  Remember what made you want to be a teacher in the first place.  Then spend as much time there as you can.

7. Say No.  Save your energy, passion, and emotion for the things that matter.  Don’t use yourself up on drivel.   Wait for what moves you.  Ignore everything (or most everything) else.  

8. Value Mentoring.  Find a mentor.  Be a mentor.  That way, everyone learns.

9. Work Together.  Not in the endless, useless “collaboration” meetings that all teachers must endure, but in the cafeteria, in the hallway, at lunch, during happy hours, via voicemails and emails, in between the stalls in the rest room.  This is where the important work is done.

10. Forgive.  Your students.  Your administration.  Your peers. Your bank account.
                       But mostly, yourself. TZT