I once got it into my head that I if I bought a guitar, I would be happy.  I was an adult by then and knew that possessions alone do not bring happiness.  Nevertheless, after saving my pennies, I found myself handing $80 to a pawn shop clerk for a used acoustic.  Not only was I not happier after buying the guitar, I was $80 poorer.  

An old friend recently sent me a short video with a text that said, “Remember this?”  Her family had been on an outing and the video showed her son rolling down a grassy hill.  Immediately, a lump caught in my throat and my eyes misted over. I traveled back to 1979 (a trip so long and far, I almost needed a passport) when a group of us picnicked at San Diego’s Presidio Park. Even though we were too old for such a thing, we started spontaneously rolling down the park’s undulating hills of grass.  Even at 51, my heart was filled with profound happiness remembering that 35-year old afternoon.  

Why was my happiness so pure and genuine? Probably because I wasn’t “planning” what would “make” me happy that day.  Instead, I was with people I loved, I was communing with nature, I was very much in The Moment and connected to The Now, and I had no preconceived notions about how things were so supposed to turnout.

I just was happy.

Because I just was.

And if I can be that happy at 16 and have that feeling travel over three decades and feel it again, then just maybe that was one time I got it right. TZT