Almost every day I see students huddling together and leaning in, one of them holding a device at arm’s length to snap a picture.  Sometimes it’s just an individual.  Sometimes they ask me to be in them.  And if you must know, sometimes I do it myself. 
    There, I said it.  I hope you’re happy.
    The Selfie can certainly be an annoying and self-referential gesture of arrogance and personal indulgence.   It’s the 21st Century version of “Hey! Look at Me!”  But what if we look at it a little bit differently, changed our perspective just a smidge?  
    In some ways, The Selfie is a moment of pure Mindfulness.  Young people are typically (and subconsciously) very good about being exactly where they are, without worrying about past or future, and The Selfie is a young person saying “This is where I was At This Moment in Time.  This is who I was with.   This is what was going on.”   The Selfie is someone taking a few seconds to be where they are, without stressing about the externals.  In The Selfie, they are using state-of-the-art technology to capture a concept that’s thousands of years old:  Just Being.  


Stop at some point throughout your day, take out your device, and just snap a picture of yourself.  Whatever you’re doing, just take the picture and BE WHERE YOU ARE.  Allow The Selfie to remind you how to be Mindful.  Have fun with it.  Don’t be bashful.  It doesn’t matter who sees you.  This moment is for you.  And for the really brave, feel free to post your Zen Selfies on Twitter and include me in The Tweet.  I’d love to see them.  I’ll do one first.  When you see mine, then it’s your turn. 
    Seize the day, sure.  But seize The Moment, too. TZT