We have too much stuff.
If you don’t believe me, count the number of storage facilities in your zip code. We own so much stuff that an entire industry has mushroomed up around housing all of our crap, all of the stuff that has grown beyond the boundaries of our own homes. 
Do we need it?
Is it necessary?
Probably not.
While talking to someone near and dear to me the other day about the amount of stuff we all have, she said she always asks herself the following questions when considering adding to her possessions:

  1. Do I need this?
  2. Will I use it?
  3. Do I have to have it now?
  4. Can I do without it?


Because I generally suck at this and want to buy every shiny new object I see in the Brookstone catalogue, I am challenging myself to ask these questions before the next time I reach for my wallet. Because in this culture of conspicuous consumption, even being aware of these questions can help us be mindful about the choices we  make, the trinkets we purchase, and the cubic inches we fill with our American Dream detritus.
If we ask ourselves these questions, and put them into practice, we will not only save some Dead Presidents, but we may also just create just a little more space in our lives for the things that really matter.

And that’s worth the price of admission right there. TZT