Space comes in many forms. 

Space on your calendar,  space on your computer’s hard drive, space in who you hang out with, space on the paper, screen, or page, space in your email inbox, space in your living room or garage or closet, and even the space inside your head.

If we choose (and then cultivate) a life where we systematically eliminate the old, the superfluous, and the unnecessary, the space it affords us can improve the quality and grace in our lives. 

It gives us the:

Space to move smoothly.
Space to think profoundly.
Space to dream luxuriously.
Space to reflect quietly.
Space to celebrate spontaneously.
Space to mourn deeply.
Space to shift direction nimbly.
Space to proceed confidently.
Space to retreat knowingly.
Space to explore spiritually.
Space to share generously.
Space to add the new joyously.
Space to dance unashamedly.

The tough part is that no one is going to give you space. 

Space is a choice.  And the choice is up to you.

But choosing Space is an invaluable gift to yourself and a meaningful step toward self-care.  TZT