“I hear the drizzle of the rain
Like a memory it falls
Soft and warm, continuing
Tapping on my roof and walls.”
                     –“Kathy’s Song” by Paul Simon

In 1972, Albert Hammond, Jr., released a song called “It Never Rains in Southern California,” and, for the most part, he was right.  But California is currently experiencing a drought so long-lasting and severe that media headlines have recently proclaimed (however sensationally), that California only has enough water left for a single year.

But it’s raining today.

It’s not a pouring rain, or a pounding rain, and it will never be confused with a typhoon or a hurricane.  And it will not even make a dent in what seems to be our perpetual need for water.

But still, it’s raining. 

And that’s rare.

And special.

And beautiful.

I was born and raised in San Diego and have essentially lived here my entire life, but I try never to take it for granted.  I try to remember that other people choose to come here for their vacations.  I am eternally grateful that my great grandfather, who landed in New York from Italy via Ellis Island, had the wherewithal to bring his family to San Diego in 1954.  This city truly is a kind of paradise and, even when I grumble about the expense of what the residents call The Sunshine Tax, I am secretly happy that the day-to-day weather seems to always be a “boring” 72 to 77 degrees.

But it’s raining today.  

So when I pulled into the school parking lot this morning, I decided to stop for a moment and be mindful about it.

I looked. And I listened. 

I watched the fat silver drops slide down the driver’s side window.  I heard the pitter patter of their music on the roof of my car.  And even sitting there, I could smell the fresh scent of the world being cleansed.

I challenge you today to find something to recognize and celebrate mindfully.

What have you encountered today that has offered you joy, renewal, and maybe just a little smidgeon of peace?

What’s new and rare and special in your world today?

And remember:  If you don’t see anything right off the bat?

It just might be you. TZT