1.     Stand, sit, or lie comfortably. 
2.     Close your eyes and empty your mind.
3.     Take notice of your breath and begin to sense its rhythm.  Breathe slowly, deeply, and comfortably.                 Don’t force it; do not breathe until you feel the impulse to breathe.
4.     Try to clear your mind of thoughts.  As thoughts float into your mind—and they will (whether the 
        grocery list, the project at work, or the ex-girlfriend you need to call about those old photographs that 
        have gone viral on the internet)—merely acknowledge the thoughts, allow them to flow right out of the           other side of your mind, and gently return to a clear mind and focused breathing.  Eventually you will               notice that you are benefitting from a clear, uncluttered mind.  This silence and focus will relax you. 
5.     Do this for three minutes or three hours; it doesn’t matter.  Whatever time you have will work.  
        Keep in mind you can’t do it wrong.  

With practice, you will notice an increased sense of peace and relaxation.  

Meditation can be more complicated than this.  

But it doesn’t have to be. TZT