I’m really torn here. . .

In fact, it’s more like a moral dilemma.

I would never, ever do anything to take advantage of the current situation.

I don’t even want to be PERCEIVED as taking advantage of the current situation.

But everything I’m about on this platform is in the interest of showing you how to reduce stress and improve self-care in challenging times and, well, here we are. Teachers are being asked to do all kinds of things that are unusual, unpredictable, and out of their comfort zone.

And this can cause stress and anxiety and a host of other less-than-comfortable emotions.

Given my message, I also felt a moral responsibility to step up and DO something to help teachers navigate this insanity.

In other words, I want to help.

So in following the lead of other platforms I’ve seen (and emails those platforms have sent to me), I’m dropping into this blog to share a number of free resources and some radically discounted paid resources, just in case you might find something helpful.

I hope you understand the spirit of this is to help, and I hope you find something that serves you in the list below.


1.     The Zen Teacher Pop Up Sanctuary  is a closed Facebook group that will be available until this whole bumpy business passes. Currently, there are over 500 teachers sharing ideas, resources, articles, support and encouragement (not to mention the occasional lighthearted meme) with each other. I’ve been touched with how well they are taking care of each other. Come join us.

2.     I’ve been blogging for nearly six years here at www.thezenteacher.com. I have tons of great posts on meditation, self-care, mindfulness, and many other ways to create peace and tranquility in your life. Below are four pertinent examples:

a. On Stillness and Silence

b. 10 Ways to Cope With All The Things (this is aimed at being at school but works perfectly well at home, too!)

c. Why Should Teachers Meditate

d. The Sleeping In Meditation (Because, let’s be honest, we’re doing some of this, am I right?)


I’ve seen many online business owners drastically reduce their prices during this crisis and I thought, “Hey, I could totally do that.” While I can’t offer free enrollment, I can offer the following for the next 60 days. OFFERS EXPIRE AT MIDNIGHT ON MAY 31, 2020. 

The Zen Teacher Self-Care Solution (Reg. $59, now $35). This course includes 14 videos on subjects like the 10 Keys to Self-Care, permission, gratitude, digital detoxing, and a mini-mantra meditation. It also includes a 75 page eBook called “2-Minute Zen: Creating a More Mindful Self-Care Practice and a 16-slide PowerPoint Presentation entitled “How to Be a Zen Teacher.” PROMO CODE: STRESSLESS

Finally Free: Toolkit for Conquering Anxiety and Overwhelm (Reg. $99, now $79). I co-created this course with Angela Watson and since I co-created it, I do not have the authority to radically discount this course all by myself, but Angela and I offer a $20 discount if you use the coupon code mentioned below. This course includes 10 audio modules with topics like Freedom from comparison, Freedom from worry over students, Freedom from regret, and Freedom from perfectionism. The course also includes 3 guided meditations, a PDF and audio from Angela with 4 strategies for choosing your thoughts on purpose, and a specially designed collection of motivational quotes and images suitable for computer/phone backgrounds or sharing on social media. USE PROMO CODE: LESSSTRESS

The Booster Shot Coaching Call (Reg. $100, Now $50). If you’re interested in 1:1 coaching, I will send you a pre-call assessment/survey, schedule a 1-hour call with you to make a customized self-care plan, and then send you an email follow-up.    USE PROMO CODE: ZENCALL


Many of you have my two books, but here they are again in case you think they might help (In this case, of course, I have no control over cover price, which is up to my publisher and Amazon).

The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity, and Tranquility in the Classroom

Sanctuaries: Self-Care Secrets for Stress Out Teachers



These are uncertain times and they are, without a doubt, straining us beyond the compass of our wits. But there are tools and strategies that can help us maintain our balance, tranquility, and peace. And I want to be a part of what keeps you calm in the storm by sharing these strategies with you.

If there is anything I can do to help you during all of this nuttiness, please do not hesitate to reach out. But again, I will invite you to join us in The Zen Teacher Pop Up Sanctuary where lots of good things are happening.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay calm. TZT

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