I’ve been having such a blast with the launch of my book The Zen Teacher:  Creating Focus,
Simplicity, and Tranquility in the Classroom
, that I wound up forgetting to announce the release of the darned thing here!

So now, not only am I going to announce that my book is available here, but I’m going to tell you
how you can get your own FREE copy by participating in the following contest.


Since my passion centers around spreading the Zen Teacher message to teachers who want to reclaim a
sense of peace and focus in both the classroom and their lives, I thought giving a book to one of you might help accomplish that goal. 

So let’s take this time to review some of the critical elements of The Zen Teacher message:

*  Self-care is a critical skill for 21st Century educators

* Compassion, gratitude, and kindness lead to joy.

* Approaching situations with Beginner’s Mind leads to learning (for the teacher).

* The 4 S’s (Stillness, Silence, Serenity, and Space) help you create peace.

* Slow down.  Period. Full Stop (see what I did there?).

* Being mindful and present can lead to more relaxation, peace, and focus.

To that end, to win a free book, I would like you to tell me something you can do to implement
and/or spread The Zen Teacher message.  Then leave a comment at the end of this post telling
the world what you’ve done.  I will be giving points for creativity, passion, and commitment. 

In other words, while taking a hot bubble bath or listening to your favorite song or taking a walk in
the woods or buying a copy of my book for a co-worker or writing a 5 Star review for The Zen
on Amazon (Hey, subliminal suggestions are all the rage. . .) are all legitimate–in fact,
GREAT–ways to implement the Zen Teacher message, I would like to see you move BEYOND
those typical activities to something more profound.  

Bottom line:  It’s time to get serious about your Zen.  

Be creative.

Give. Serve. Love.  

(both to and for yourself and others.)

Start a Zen teacher lunch group.

Have a Zen Teacher book club.

Grab three teacher friends and start a meditation practice.

Create a classroom Zen practice with your co-teacher.

The thing is:
  No one else is talking about how to take care of teachers.

And we need it and deserve it.

So it’s up to us.

Help me spread that message by being examples of peace and focus and sharing how you do it
with others.

I want a grassroots thing to happen here.

:: Steps on soapbox, lifts megaphone to mouth, shouts::

I want a MOVEMENT here, people!!



::Steps off soapbox::  

Comments must be made by Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015, at 10:00 Pacific Time (I’m a tired teacher, I
can’t be waiting up until no Midnight action here).  

I will announce the winner within 48 hours after that deadline.

I will pick one winner from the comments section who shows an unusually creative commitment
to helping me take care of teachers and inspiring them to find the peace they show richly

Maybe that will be YOU!

And. . .go! TZT