The world is filled with chaos and white noise. Car alarms, T.V.s blaring in restaurants, leaf blowers “beautifying” suburbia.

We accept all of it as normal.

It becomes a personal responsibility, then, an individual mission to carve out those moments where we can bask in the sweet bliss of silence.

–In the car with no radio

–In church on Sunday morning

–During your coffee break or lunch at work

–On the side of the road on the way home from work before re-entering the cacophony of home and family

–On the patio during the weekend as you sip your tea

Silence gives us a place to focus, renew, and reflect.

It’s a sanctuary to breathe and let down our guard.

In Marjorie J. Thompson’s book Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life, she recalls how silence was once referred to as “God’s First Language.”

Whatever your belief system, however, it must be clear that silence is a profound necessity on a fundamental level. On a less spiritual level, of course, it soothes and calms us; it gives a moment to prioritize what’s important and think about a way forward.

And if nothing else, silence is just a step back from the discordant jumble of modern life, so we can exhale and move on.

Look for places in your day to include silence.

Silence is a gift we give ourselves. TZT 

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