During the course of your day, you can just sit still*: 

1. On the edge of your bed when you get up in the morning.

2. In the shower.

3. At the breakfast table.

4. Before you walk out the door for work.

5. Before you start your car and pull out of the driveway.

6. While waiting for a red light in your car.

7. In the car before you walk into work.**

8. At your desk during break, lunch, or recess.

9. Before the big meeting.

10. During the passing period between classes.

11. At your desk before the students come in.

12. At your desk just after the students leave.

13. In your car before you start to drive home.

14. While parked a few blocks from your house before arriving home.

15. In your driveway before going into the house.

16. Once you get inside your house after work.

17. As you sit on a bench or brick wall while walking your dog.

18. Moments before beginning your dinner (think: Grace).

19. For a brief spell after dinner with your favorite dessert, playlist, or libation.

20. Moments before you go to bed. 


It doesn’t have to take long.  

I recommend starting with five minutes. 

Or if that’s too long, three minutes.

Or if that’s too long, just be still during the commercial break while you’re watching The Bachelor. 

Then build up.

Practice being still from that commercial to The Final Rose Ceremony.

You’ll get there. . .

Remember: Stillness is underrated.

It’s time we gave it the props it deserves. TZT  

 *You need not do all of them in one day. 🙂 

**One of my personal favorites