I’m willing to bet that almost every child has been on the receiving end of the parent’s admonition to “sit still!”

And that’s the problem with today’s society. . .

“Sit still” becomes a punishment, a chastisement. 

We’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that being still is something we do only if things aren’t going well. 

If we’re sick.

If we’re in trouble.

If we’re sad.

If we’re grieving.

If someone’s mad at us.

But what if we changed the punctuation of that expression? 

What if we replaced the raised-voice admonition and exclamation point of “Sit Still!”, with the dulcet-toned, whispered ellipses-ed potential of, “Sit still. . .”? 

To lower our rhythm. 

To be calm. 

To breathe. 

To unwind. 

To diffuse the white noise with motionlessness, peacefulness, quietude.

How different would our world be if, even just for a few moments, we gave ourselves permission to. . . 

Just. Sit. Still.? 

We can.

It’s our choice. Always.

So why don’t we? 

Try it today.

Just sit.

​Still.  . .  TZT