In this world of haste, white noise, and chaos, sometimes finding moments to be happy and calm can seem like a subversive act. 

It can seem as if we are making trouble, ruffling feathers, working against the status quo.

And often, when it comes to self-care, we are. 
But I think William Stafford, in his poem “Any Morning,” (pictured above), has the right idea.
You don’t need to wait for anyone’s permission to be happy.
Be happy when they’re asleep.
Be happy when they’re not looking.
Be happy when, as he says, “trouble is busy elsewhere at the moment.”
Each of us can find–each and every day–those little moments between where we can minister to ourselves, give balm to our souls, and put peace back in our hearts.
It may not be a trip to Hawaii or The Caribbean.
It may not be retail therapy on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or at Tiffany’s in New York.

They can be incredibly small, ordinary moments.

I’ve mentioned before, for example, that when I private tutor, I typically arrive 10-to-15 minutes early, find a place on a side street near that client’s house where I can sit, meditate, listen to music, or just think. Sometimes, most often on Saturday or Sunday mornings, I may even have a cup of coffee with me.  Sure, I get some funny looks and maybe a few Neighborhood Watches have considered dropping a dime on me, but no matter.

I’m taking some time for me.  
You can, too.

And if you’re quiet about it, no one will notice.  There will always be time, as Stafford tells us, to shake your head and frown and be part of the Merry-Go-Round later. But for now. . .

Take a small moment.
There are lots of ways to do this.

While everyone else is running frantically on the hamster wheel of life, you may be (as Stafford suggests) just sitting on the couch.  Sipping on a cup of tea.  Listening to a soothing song by Nora Jones or Sarah Maclachlan. 

Just being happy.
It’s whatever works for you.
Look for the small moments.

Small moments to step aside from the hustle and the bustle.

Small moments in time that you take just because you want to.
Small moments where you put your head back on straight and your heart back where it belongs.

Because you need them.

Because they heal.
And as the poem suggests, when the sun comes and people take notice, there’s plenty of time to act busy.
But until then, listen to the poem and grab them and save them. They are, in fact, easy to hide.
Whenever you are ready, you can take a small moment just for yourself.
These “little corners.”

These “pieces of heaven.”
They can be yours. . .
And you can take them. . .
Any morning.  TZT