My mission with The Zen Teacher Project has always been to make it easy for teachers to reduce their stress and improve their self-care in a way the helps them thrive both inside and outside the classroom.

And today I am excited to announce that I almost ready to launch a new online course that will help you do just that.


(The graphic above is a screenshot from the Welcome Video!).

INSTANT ZEN is a mini-course designed to help you shake off the anxiety, stress, and tension of day-to-day life and learn to navigate your existence with a greater sense of simplicity and tranquility using the magic of The 5 S’s.

So. . . .What are The 5 S’s?

Good question!

They are:

  • Stillness
  • Silence
  • Space
  • Subtraction
  • Slowing Down

The course is not quite ready, however, but I still wanted create an opportunity where you can get the course for FREE.

Here’s how it works:

If you send me proof-of-purchase for either The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity, and Tranquility in the Classroom or Sanctuaries: Self-Care Secrets for Stressed Out Teachers for copies that were bought any time this month (from July 1-July 31, 2020), I will send you a coupon code for your FREE enrollment in Instant Zen (a $39 value).

Simply email me at with a copy of your Amazon receipt or other proof-of-purchase.

Buy a book, get a free course. It’s that simple!

(And it’s almost a 50% savings!)

If you already have my books, first of all, thank you. But think about grabbing a copy for a friend or new teacher you know of. If all your friends and colleagues have copies, don’t fret. When I launch, I will be offering a special discount on the course exclusively for teachers and friends of The Zen Teacher.

And if you’re reading this right now, that includes YOU!

The course ETA is very soon—end of July or early August.

And that’s just in time for you to chill out before we go back to. . .well, whatever in the Sam Hill that’s going to look like.

(So it might be nice to have some stress reduction tools in your super hero utility belt!)

Speaking of which, if you’re interested in the course and would like to be on a waiting list for more information, simply go to this form and enter your first name and email address and I will let you know when the course is available.

I’ll be back soon here at the blog with more tips and strategies and tools on how to be a Zen teacher, but I wanted to pop in and let you know about this opportunity.

I hope you’re enjoying summer however you can, staying safe and healthy, and taking care of YOU.

Thanks for listening and thanks for all you do. TZT

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