Take a minute after the alarm goes off, but before you get out of bed.
Take a minute as you eat breakfast.

Take a minute as you sip your coffee.

Take a minute as you brush your teeth.
Take a minute before turning over the engine in the car in the morning.
Take a minute to appreciate the view on the way to work.
Take a minute before getting out of your car at your school.
Take a minute at recess or on your free period.
Take a minute at lunch.

Take a minute in that boring meeting.
Take a minute while the kids are reading.
Take a minute just sitting at your desk before you leave for the day.
Take a minute before turning off your engine at home.
Take a minute before going inside.
Take a minute just after dinner.
Take a minute during a television commercial while watching Grey’s Anatomy.
Take a minute in the bath.
Take a minute before going to sleep at night.

Take a minute and. . .Wake up. Be present. Notice what you notice. Without judgment.
And what can you do with that minute you take?

Be still.

Be silent.

Smell the cool, sweet morning air.
Look at the mountains.
Inhale the scent of the flowers in the garden that smell like your favorite childhood candy.
Listen to how the birds are singing rhythm and blues from the 60s.

​Be grateful.
Get ready for the day.
Get ready for the night.

Get ready for tomorrow.

Get ready for him.

Get ready for her.
Soothe yourself.
Heal yourself.
Love yourself.
Gird yourself for what’s coming.
Prepare yourself for life.  TZT