When I recently said that everyone could find five minutes to stop and find some peace, I
realized later that maybe I should have given you some ideas of what to do with those 3,000
seconds. One reason I created The Zen Teacher Project is because I truly believe that people
are losing their ability to stop The Machine and find ways to Just. Be. Still.

So here are some possibilities for when you take five minutes just for yourself:

1. Pet an animal.
2. Listen to a song.
3. Step outside and breathe fresh air.
4. Drink a tall glass of water slowly (preferably from a glass glass).
5. Stop wherever you are and take some slow, deep breaths.
6. Sit on the back patio. Listen.
7. Look at a leaf. Keep looking.
8. Read a poem.
9. Read anything at all.
10. Write a poem.
11. Avoid the internet.
12. Avoid your cellphone.
13. Sit. Be quiet. Be still.
14. Give yourself a massage (legs, arms, neck).
15. Sip a cup of tea.
16. Meditate.
17. Lie down.
18. Breathe.
19. Smile or laugh.
20. Wash your face.
21. Find a pretty view. Look at it. Really look at it.
22. Do some yoga or Tai Chi.
23. Take a walk.
24. Visualize a positive outcome to a goal.
25. Find a garden or park. Sit in it.
26. Add something to your gratitude jar/journal.
27. Sketch something.
28. Do something nice for someone else.
29. Look at the clouds.
30. Look at a treasured photo album.
31. Take a quick shower or bath.
32. Write a short list of accomplishments/victories from your day or week.
33. Go into your backyard and sit in the grass. Listen to the sounds. Watch the critters.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  And there are no news flashes here; in fact, most are probably just reminders. And not only do I still know that everybody can find five minutes in their overloaded schedule,  but I also strongly believe it’s imperative that they do. What you do with those five minutes, though, is your call.  Find out what works for you and make it a part of what Anne Lamott calls your “radical self-care.” TZT