Start by addressing God, the Deity of Your Choice, The Universe, Mother Nature, or for all I care, The Great and Powerful Oz.  

Next, utter your sincere and heartfelt thanks.   

Mine kind of looks like this*:

Thank you for yet another beautiful morning here in San Diego.

Thank you for letting me walk in silence during my 5 a.m. walk, and allowing me to be present and mindful enough to notice the stars, the bunnies, the humming streetlights, and the pre-dawn frost on the windshields of cars I’ll never be able to afford.

Thank you for giving me a roof over my head and enough to eat.

Thank you that I’m not struggling with physical pain, like so many others I know.

Thank you for my two amazing, wonderful daughters—their intelligence, their wit, their studiousness, their industry, their big hearts, and most of all, their health.

Thank you for a job I have passion for, that challenges me, and that I consider my calling, especially when I am faced with those who loathe their job and are always waiting for 5 o’clock or Friday or both. 

Thank you for Writing—first, for my ability to think and second, for the freedom and skill (and fingers) to capture those thoughts on paper or screen or blog.

Thank you for bringing people into my life at the right moments to help me conquer my challenges; they are gifts that have not gone unnoticed and unappreciated.

There are others, Oz, but you get the idea.

So mostly, thank you for yet another beautiful morning here in San Diego.  TZT

 *Note: tomorrow’s list would be entirely different.