Chance are you’ve spent a fair amount of time today scrolling on your device.

And that’s fine.

But think about that when you say you don’t have time to do that thing you want to do.

Do you want to:

–Read for pleasure?


–Nurture a relationship with a friend or family member by a short text, email, or phone call?

–Get out into nature?

–Spend time with your children or your pet or both?

Whenever you say you don’t have the time, remember the time you spent scrolling.

Catch yourself and stop.

It’s a form of Mindfulness.

Working, doing the laundry, taking the kids to school—they all need to be done.

But there are stretches of time every day where you are doing stuff that is not only unnecessary, but keeps you from the activities that would renew you and bring you joy.

So stop scrolling. Or whatever else is hogging your time.

Take that time and go do the thing.

The time is there.


If you want it. TZT 

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