In the interest of continuing to create an active Zen Teacher community, I have created a CLOSED Facebook group that is open to anyone who wants to communicate with other Zen Teachers about how to create more focus, simplicity, and tranquility in the classroom.
I see this as a safe, non-judgmental space for us to support each other on our paths. I’ve never created a closed Facebook group before, but my understanding is that if I share the link with you, you can request to join and with the assumption that you are serious about exploring these ideas and supporting others I would, of course, approve you.
I will also be hanging out in this group–asking questions, making comments, guiding, supporting, sharing techniques and activities, all in an effort to support you on your path.  I see this as something of a Zen Teacher gymnasium.
If you have been enjoying the ideas in this blog, from my Twitter chats, from the newsletter, in the book, or from my tweets, you now have one more place to join the Zen Teacher conversation.
So please come be a part of the Zen Teacher community!  We’d love to have you!  
You can find the group here.
I’ll be glad to see you there.
Now let’s go find some Zen!


*Please notify me if you have any trouble accessing the group and I will address the issue immediately.