Here is a round-up of some recent news and resources from the recent Zen Teacher newsletter (if you don’t subscribe and want the latest Zen Teacher 411, please click here).

On-line courses:  I’m working on creating some on-line courses to help teachers reduce stress and improve self-care. But I want to make sure that the courses include content that is relevant and valuable. So I’d like to invite you to participate in a brief, three question survey so that I can assess your needs and design the courses accordingly.  Thank you in advance for your participation.  

Here is the Survey link:

Resource:  Here is an article about how our breath is the remote control of our mind. I totally get that. But what I’m wondering is does HBO cost extra? 🙂

Check out the article from Mindful magazine. 

Workshops: I’ve been lucky enough to be able to give a number of Zen Teacher workshops and have really enjoyed the opportunity to meet with teachers and share the message of improved self-care. I’m now filling slots for the summer and would love to come to talk to YOU! If your school or district would be interested in having me come and speak or run a workshop, please contact Shelley Burgess at for a quote.  

Here is what one principal said about one of my recent events:
“Dan’s message of mindfulness transcends the classroom. He inspired our teachers to take time for themselves because that simple act ultimately helps them better serve their students.  His sage advice was just what our dedicated teachers needed.”                 
                                   –Dr. Brad Gustafson, principal

                                   Greenwood Elementary School, Minnesota

CATE:  Last weekend, I did a Zen Teacher workshop at CATE (The California Association of Teachers of English) and had a blast.  I was honored that of all the available sessions during that time, approximately 50 teachers showed up to this workshop eager to learn about how to reduce stress and improve self-care (the photos above are PRE-session, which is why the seats are empty; I promise I didn’t scare them off. . .).

The great thing about getting to spread the Zen Teacher message is that I can occasionally slip out and have some adventurs. CATE was in Santa Clara, California which, as it turns out, is only an hour train ride from San Francisco, so I spent Saturday night browsing the iconic City Lights Bookstore (owned and operated by legendary beat writer Lawrence Ferlinghetti). To this writer and English teacher, City Lights is kind of like a shrine*.  

Later, I had dinner directly across the street from the bookstore at a lovely Italian restaurant where the waiters all spoke in beautiful Italian accents and clapped me on the shoulder every time they came by to see if I was doing all right.  In one of the pictures you can see my bag of purchases from City Lights (life experiences don’t come cheap!).


I’m so blessed and honored to be able to meet and help amazing teachers all over the country. Please reach out of there is ever anything I can do for YOU or your staff.  

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Hope to hear from you soon! TZT

*Ignore the hair. It was windy. It was San Francisco, after all. . . 🙂