Marketing genius Seth Godin says that we either work in the factory or the lab. The lab, he says, is always searching for a new way to do things and is always on the lookout for The Breakthrough. The lab, he goes on to say, must understand that not everything will work on the way to success. The factory, on the other hand, favors (and rewards) reliability and productivity. It wants to do what it did yesterday, faster and cheaper.

Godin is talking about business. But here’s my question to you: In which classroom does your student typically find him or herself. I’m guessing the factory. 

This is, thanks in large part to the spectre of standardized testing, how most classrooms are run and are even the types of classrooms my own children find themselves in.
Reliability and productivity are important, but I now believe that you reach a higher level of both if you are willing to try new things–if you are willing to risk. . .and fail.

After hearing Godin’s thoughts, I’m making a conscious effort to change the vibe in the educational experiences I provide as a classroom teacher.  

My new, more mindful, plan for the fall? 

More lab, less factory. TZT