As teachers, we are constantly bombarded with new ways of doing things—new students, new textbooks, new methodology, new administration, new technology.  But new isn’t always better.  New sometimes distracts us from our purpose or clouds the issue. As a result, it is easy for the important and crucial parts of our mission to get lost along the way.

Teachers, then, must always take the time to ask themselves one simple question: 

What’s REALLY important?

We must make a mindful and conscious effort to remember that, once in the classroom, WE are the experts. WE are in control. WE make the decisions.  WE decide what happens.  And not only do we have the training, knowledge, and experience to MAKE those decisions, we are ultimately the ones who must live with the results and consequences of those actions.

When you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, and unsupported, or confused by an ongoing influx of “New,” remember to ask yourself “What’s really important?” 

And then use your answer to decide in which direction to set sail.

Because the bottom line is that if you don’t decide, someone else will. TZT