The Zen Teacher Blog is going on a little break–not just because it’s the holidays, but because there are some big changes coming up in the new year that I need to focus on.
Since I am always preaching that sometimes less is better and subtraction sometimes needs to be the order of the day, this blog will be on hiatus until those changes take place.
The good news is I plan to come back bigger and better than ever to help teachers reduce their stress, improve their self-care, and help them better enjoy their lives both inside and outside the classroom.
Thank you for being here, for reading my words and thoughts, and for embracing The Zen Teacher message. 
I appreciate it.
All happiness, kindness, and fulfillment is wished to you this holiday season and into 2019.
See you next year! TZT


In the meantime, don’t forget about Sanctuaries: Self-Care Secrets for Stressed Out Teachers! Create your own customized self-care plan. 

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