Because of a testing machine that’s become a runaway train.

Because the people making decisions aren’t in the trenches.

Because of an average of 40 students in every class.

Because of increasing demands and decreasing support from the top (at least where I am, at least in general).

Because of the constant demand to learn and implement new technology.  Even if you WANT to.

Because school shootings are happening with increasing frequency and I never dreamed  I was entering a violent profession.

Because my PTSA has to solicit parent donations during an annual Supply Day Drive just to get us staples, tissue, and printer paper.

Because our school lost our book clerk and duplicating clerk years ago, and they were never replaced. (I suspect some schools would say, “You had a book clerk and duplicating clerk?”)

Because every one of those 40 students in every class has his or her own story and we are part teacher, part  parent, part priest, part police officer, part psychologist, part dietician, and part friend.

Every profession has its stressors, and I’m sure all employees would benefit from an increase in peace, tranquility, focus, detachment, reflection, space, mindfulness, non-judgment, non-clutter, intention, and present moment awareness.

I just happen to be a teacher.  And I just happen to think that being a Zen Teacher will make my job a smidgeon easier and squinch more fulfilling.

In short, it increases my chance of making it to retirement.  TZT